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TBEASgBEB AND I;OLLEOTOB OFFICE <br /> <br />City Hall - Room 203 <br />455 Main Street <br />Worcester, Massachusetts 01608 <br />(508) 799-1075 <br /> <br />IDepartmental Mission Statement: ht~l <br />The primary mission of the Office of Treasurer and Collector is to act as t <br />City's receipting and disbursing agent of public financial assets in order <br />maximize the utilization and safekeeping of City funds. <br /> <br />Departmental Overview: <br /> <br />The Office of the Treasurer and <br />Collector of Taxes is responsible <br />for the timely billing and <br />collection of the City's operating <br />revenues as well as the disbursement of <br />all City expenses. The Collector's <br />Division issues and receipts more than <br />600,000 tax, utility, and departmental <br />invoices annually. The Treasurer's <br />Division functions as the disbursing <br />agent for the City, processing over <br />300,000 payroll checks, direct deposit <br />vouchers, and vendor checks annually. <br />This office is also charged with the <br />operation of the City mailroom through <br />which over 1,200,000 pieces of mail <br />flow annually. <br /> <br />The Treasurer and Collector's Office <br />continues to maximize revenues and <br />strives to offer the highest level of <br />customer service. For the fiscal 2005 <br /> <br />budget year, our emphasis will be on <br />increasing revenues in an effort to <br />equalize the anticipated budget <br />constraints. With a reduction of <br />personnel and funding, we continue to <br />re-align staff and office hours to ensure <br />that this core mission is met. <br /> <br />To fulfill our commitment to supply the <br />highest level of customer service and to <br />supplement the loss of customer service <br />personnel, we will be offering new and <br />easier ways to retrieve information <br />through our enhanced web-based <br />services. We will also be reviewing new <br />products in the electronic payment <br />industry and incorporate them into the <br />payment process. <br /> <br />In an effort to reduce costs, we will be <br />introducing Debt Service enhancements <br />and Mailroom efficiencies by developing <br /> <br />CITY OF WORCESTER FISCAL 2005 ANNUAL BUDGET <br /> <br /> Page 1 <br /> <br /> <br />