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SEWER BEPAIITIENT- B.P.W. <br /> <br />20 East Worcester Street <br />Worcester, Massachusetts 01604 <br />(508) 929 -1300 <br /> <br />Departmental Mission Statement: <br />The mission of the Sewer Department is to provide the citizens of <br />Worcester with a properly functioning and well maintained conveyance <br />system for sanitary and storm water flows as measured by the number of <br />days without system bypass. <br /> <br />Divisional Overview: <br />Sewer Department is an <br />Enterprise operation. The <br />department is responsible for the <br />collection and conveyance of all <br />sanitary sewage and stormwater <br />throughout the City of Worcester. The <br />sanitary, combined, stormwater <br />systems are made-up of approximately <br />750 miles of various sized mains, <br />twenty-eight sewage-pumping stations <br />and a Combined Sewage Overflow <br />Treatment Facility. Over 150 miles of <br />sewers were constructed before 1900. <br /> <br />The Sewer Department is responsible <br /> <br />for catch basin cleaning, sewage <br />pumping station maintenance, <br />inspectionand diagnosis of sewer <br />systems, general infrastructure <br /> <br />maintenance, easement cleating and <br />flood control including street drainage. <br /> <br />The Sewer Department is funded <br />entirely from revenues provided <br />through a user fee. The sewer user fee <br />for Fiscal 2005 is recommended to be <br />$2.61 per hundred cubic feet <br />(approximately 748 gallons). The <br />actual cost for residential properties is <br />based on 80% of water usage. This <br />rate recommendation is done after very <br />careful review of the sewer enterprise <br />budget and its operations. This year's <br />rate is $.71 or 37.4% above the fiscal <br />year 2004 rate. The budget impact on <br />this year's rate is $.49 attributable to <br />the capital improvement program that <br />is underway at Upper Blackstone <br />Water Abatement District <br /> <br />CITY OF WORCESTER FISCAL 2005 ANNUAL BUDGET <br /> <br />Page 1 <br /> <br /> <br />