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STATE AID <br /> <br />$154,518,307 Chapter 70 <br /> 544,578 Charter Reimbursement <br /> <br />$155,062,885 Total Education Aid <br /> <br />CHAPTER 70 <br /> <br />under the Educational Reform Act <br />of 1993, many of the Chapter 70 <br />programs that were listed on the <br />Cherry Sheet are now combined <br />as "Base Aid". These programs included <br />Chapter 70 Aid, Equal Education <br />Opportunity, and Per Pupil Education <br />Aid. <br /> <br />Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 70 <br />Base Aid provides financial assistance to <br />cities and towns in order to promote the <br />equalization of the burden of school <br />costs, and to reduce reliance upon the <br />property tax to fund public education. <br />Chapter 70 School Aid is based on a <br />complex formula that takes into account <br />the following factors: <br /> <br /> State wide average per pupil cost, <br /> <br />· local district pupil count, with <br /> weighing factors to reflect varying <br /> costs among programs, such as <br /> special education and vocational <br /> education, and <br /> <br />· the municipality's fiscal ability to pay <br /> for education as measured by the <br /> equalized valuation per capita as a <br /> percent of statewide averages, <br /> multiplied by the City's annually <br /> <br /> calculated municipal revenue growth <br /> factor. (Worcester's aid is "per pupil" <br /> driven rather than "cost" driven.) <br /> <br />Chapter 70 Aid for the Worcester Public <br />Schools is projected to be $158,861,691 <br />in fiscal 2005. This is a $4,343,384 <br />increase over the fiscal 2004 amount of <br />$154,518,307. Under Education Reform <br />a municipality's base aid and foundation <br />aid from the previous year (fiscal 2004) <br />is added to the next fiscal year's (fiscal <br />2005) Chapter 70 Base Aid. This <br />formula creates the increases in this <br />category of revenue as mentioned above. <br /> <br />CHARTER REIMBURSEMENT <br />The state budget provides funding for <br />reimbursements for charter school tuition <br />in accordance with Chapter 46 of the <br />Acts of 1997. The reimbursement <br />provides full reimbursement of any new <br />charter school costs each year based <br />upon the tuition formula, but gradually <br />phases out the level of reimbursement <br />over a three-year period. The purpose of <br />the reimbursement is to lessen the impact <br />of charter schools on the sending <br />district's operating budget. The <br />reimbursements have not been fully <br />funded during the past several years by <br />the state budget. <br /> <br />CITY OF WORCESTER FISCAL 2005 ANNUAL BUDGET <br /> <br />Page 2 <br /> <br /> <br />