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IIT'I'EBANS' SEIIglCES DEPAIITMENT <br /> <br />50 Skyline Drive <br />Worcester, Massachusetts 01605 <br />(508) 799-1041 <br /> <br />Departmental Mission Statement: H <br />The mission of the Veterans' Services Department is to provide eligible ~1 <br />Veterans and their families, who are residents of Worcester, financial aid,II <br />referrals to services and information on issues such as substance abuse, ~1 <br />housing, employment opportunities and educational services, and medical <br />benefits on an immediate basis. <br /> <br />Departmental Overview: <br /> <br />This office provides financial and <br />medical assistance to all wartime <br />veterans and their families who are <br />determined to be in need and who qualify <br />for this assistance under the provisions of <br />Chapter 115, Massachusetts General Law. <br /> <br />The department currently provides <br />financial aid to eighty veterans or their <br />widowed spouses, by either direct <br />financial payments, coverage of medical <br />insurance premiums, or pharmaceutical <br />needs. <br /> <br />Other services include referral of veterans <br />to the Veteran's Administration, or the <br />Social Security office for a more <br />permanent solution to their needs. The <br />department also refers veterans to job <br /> <br />employment agencies, special utility <br />programs for the needy, food banks and <br />shelter. Assistance is also provided to <br />those who qualify for burial benefits, <br />annuities, and education benefits. <br /> <br />Additionally, our staff serves as liaison to <br />the Worcester Veteran's Council, the <br />Armed Forces Committee, the Military <br />Affairs Committee of the City Council, <br />and the ROTC and Junior ROTC units <br />from the local colleges and high schools. <br /> <br />The Veterans' Services Department, also <br />sponsors the Veteran's Day and Memorial <br />Day parades, as well as serving as <br />caretakers of all veteran's memorials and <br />graves throughout the City. <br /> <br />CITY OF WORCESTER FISCAL 2005 ANNUAL BUDGET <br /> <br />Page I <br /> <br /> <br />