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• 'e <br /> Prague M. Augu9us,Jr. <br /> any Manager CITY OF WO FCESTER <br /> cm20l7mar0702O054 A1h M me in for liem # 810A <br /> March 14, 2011 <br /> TO THE WORCESTER CITY COUNCIL <br /> COUNCILORS <br /> The attached communication relative to an analysis of 2016 crime statistics along with <br /> the complete audit of year-end statics, as received from Steven M. Sargent, Chief of <br /> Police, is forwarded forthe information on your Honorable Body. <br /> As you will see this report is consistent with our message over the past year, Worcester <br /> is a safe city and remains one of the safest cities of its size in the northeast. Crime is <br /> down in several categories including violent crimes (shooting and stabbings), numerous <br /> property crimes N include carbreaksand there is an overall decrease in arrests which <br /> is reflective in part to the work of the two units in the department (Crisis Intervention <br /> Team and Program for Addiction Recovery) who are focusing on connecting individuals <br /> with services. <br /> These statistics are reflective of our commitment to the safety of all who live, work in <br /> and visit the City of Worcester. Together, Chief Sargent and I have worked to implement <br /> new programs such asthe Neighborhood Response Team who workin tandem with the <br /> Quality of Life Team to proactively address the issues that most impact our <br /> neighborhoods, in addition N directing the resources required to adequately staff the <br /> department and enhance current strategies and programs such as ShotSpotter, Real <br /> Time Crime and the Summer Impact Program. <br /> OFFICE OF THE ary MANAGER, ary HALL,WORCESTER, MA 01608 <br /> ® TereanoNE 508)791176 l FAA COB 7991206 <br /> ® EMAIL mymanagn,Cmrrnmesterna are <br />