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BliClITIIIE FFICt OF IIIIIAli Ili$01111 i:$ <br /> <br />City Hall - Room 109 <br />455 Main Street <br />Worcester, Massachusetts 01608 <br />(508) 799-1031 <br /> <br />IDepartmental Mission Statement: dl~ <br /> It is the mission of the Office of Human Resources to plan, administer and delive~ <br /> a full range of high quality services and benefits to City employees, retirees and <br /> managers in the areas of personnel, insurance, training, equal opportunity, an <br /> human rights in a timely and efficient manner. <br /> <br />Departmental Overview: <br />The Office of Human Resources is <br />responsible for the planning, <br />administering and directing of all <br />phases of the personnel programs for City <br />of Worcester employees. These programs <br />include the recruitment, selection, hiring, <br />compensation, training, and promotion of <br />employees. The Department also <br />manages the City's unemployment <br />benefits, workers' compensation, public <br />safety injured-on-duty programs and the <br />City's health, dental, and life insurance <br />programs. In addition, the department <br />monitors the City's Employee Assistance <br />Program, including a federally mandated <br />Drug Testing Program and the City's <br /> <br />Affirmative Action Program. This office <br />also provides staff support to the Human <br />Rights Commission, the Citizens <br />Advisory Council, the Commission on the <br />Status of Women, and the Advisory <br />Committee on Persons with Disabilities. <br />The divisions administering these <br />programs are: (1) Personnel and <br />Administration; (2) Labor Relations; (3) <br />Equal Opportunity and Affirmative <br />Action; (4) Workers' Compensation; (5) <br />Benefits; (6) Employee Training; and (7) <br />Human Rights. <br /> <br />CITY OF WORCESTER FISCAL 2005 ANNUAL BUDGET <br /> <br /> Page i <br /> <br /> <br />