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$140,358,152 <br />18,630,949 <br />41,416,195 <br />2,425,957 <br />599,458 <br /> <br />$203,430,711 <br /> <br />(1,702,972 <br /> <br />$201,727,739 <br /> <br />(2,296,191) <br />$199,431,548 <br /> <br />$155,062,885 <br />14,725,956 <br />38,824,234 <br />4,642,452 <br />606,719 <br /> <br />$213,862,246 <br />(387,561 <br />$213,474,685 <br /> <br />(14,618,362 <br /> <br />$198,856,323 <br /> <br />Educational Aid <br />Other Educational Aid <br />Unrestricted Aid <br />Restricted Aid <br />Exemptions <br />Total State Aid <br />Less: Cherry Sheet Offsets <br />Net State Aid <br />State & County Charges <br />State Aid Available For Appropriation <br /> <br />$160,471,223 <br />14,654,656 <br />38,839,801 <br />4,718,619 <br />581,165 <br /> <br />$219,265,464 <br /> <br />(445,880 <br />$218,819~584 <br />(2,588,645 <br />$216~230,939 <br /> <br />STATE AID (CHERRY SHEET) <br /> <br />The Cherry Sheet is an official <br />document used by the <br />Commonwealth of Massachusetts <br />to inform cities and towns of both <br />the estimated charges, state and county <br />assessments, and the estimated receipts <br />to be used by assessors in determining <br />the tax levy. Amounts given to the City <br />are designed to ease the burden on the <br />property tax as a means to provide <br />municipal services. Much of the State <br />Aid is to be used for education and <br />reimbursements for specific purposes. In <br />other cases, Unrestricted Aid can be used <br />at the City's discretion. Finally, Cherry <br />Sheet Offsets are amounts that the City is <br />required to exclude in its annual <br />appropriation. Since these amounts are <br />included on the Cherry Sheet as <br />estimated receipts as well, they do not <br />become a factor in the tax rate. <br /> <br />The City is expected to receive <br />approximately $219,265,464 in State <br />Aid. Of this amount, $4,718,619 is in the <br />form of restricted State Aid; the City has <br />no control over the appropriation of these <br />funds. The restricted aid includes <br />educational aid, school reimbursements, <br />exemptions, police career incentive, <br />highway funds, regional public library <br />funds and veterans benefits. On the <br />other hand, $38,839,801 is unrestricted <br />State aid, and the City is able to <br />appropriate these funds at its own <br />discretion. The unrestricted aid amount <br />is comprised of additional assistance, <br />lottery aid, and state owned land fund. <br /> <br />CITY OF WORCESTER FISCAL 2005 ANNUAL BUDGET <br /> <br />Page 1 <br /> <br /> <br />