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WeBKEBS' COMPENSATION <br /> <br />City Hall - Room 109 <br />455 Main Street <br />Worcester, Massachusetts 01608 <br />(508) 799 1031 <br /> <br />Departmental Overview: <br />The State Workers' Compensation <br />statute is designed to be a wage <br />replacement system for the <br />benefit of those who sustain <br />injuries arising out of, and in the course <br />of, their employment with the city. In all <br />but extreme cases, negligence on the part <br />of either the employee, or the employer, <br />will have no bearing on either the <br />employee's entitlement to benefits, or the <br />exclusivity of workers' compensation <br />benefits, as the only available remedy. <br />The workers' compensation statute, <br />M.G.L. Chapter 152, as most recently <br />amended, provides for payment of 60% <br />of an employee's pre-injury average <br />weekly wage for the period during which <br />the employee remains temporarily, or <br />totally disabled, as a result of the injury. <br />These benefits are available for a <br />maximum of three years with an <br />additional potential entitlement to <br />temporary partial disability benefits <br /> <br />where the maximum period of <br />entitlement varies, based on the severity <br />of the injury. The most severely injured <br />claimants may seek permanent and total <br />disability benefits that are potentially <br />available for the life of the employee. <br /> <br />Approximately forty-two percent of the <br />workers' compensation budget is spent <br />on the payment of weekly workers' <br />compensation benefits. These include <br />temporary, partial and total disability <br />benefits, and dependents and widows <br />benefits. Medical expenses account for <br />approximately forty percent of the <br />overall budget. These services include <br />doctors, nurses, hospitals, prescriptions <br />and medical supplies. The remaining <br />eighteen percent is spent on <br />administrative, investigative and court <br />costs, to include attorney's fees, <br />permanency adjustments and lump sum <br />settlements. <br /> <br />CITY OF WORCESTER FISCAL 2005 ANNUAL BUDGET <br /> <br /> Page ] <br /> <br /> <br />