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• 'e <br /> Prague M. Augu9us,Jr. <br /> any Manager CITY OF WO FCESTER <br /> cm2fl14a 01]121731 A1h M me in for liem # 87A <br /> January 22, 2019 <br /> TO THE WORCESTER QTY COUNCIL <br /> COUNCILORS <br /> The attached communication relative to the Comprehensive Clean City Program, <br /> received from Paul Moosey, P ., Commissioner of PublicWorks & Parks is forwarded <br /> for the information of your Honorable Body. <br /> In light of the tremendous growth development and investment in our Ciry, it is <br /> imperative that we continuously work to combat litter and illegal dumping in our <br /> neighborhoods. As detailed by Commissioner Moosey the Clean City Program will <br /> complement the efforts of the Keep Worcester Clean UVFC) program in several ways, <br /> including the implementation of a Clear Bag Recycling Program N address <br /> neighborhood litter, expanding the hours and services at the Millbury Street Recycling <br /> Center, providing additional waste containers in the business districts, as well as <br /> increasing the staff allocation for MC program. <br /> In order N fund the initiatives proposed and N address the continually escalating cost of <br /> the City recycling program, we plan to propose an increase in the trash bag fee of SO <br /> per bag in FY20. Based on the usage of bags in recent weeks, this will result in an <br /> average increased cost of 53 cents perweek. Since the implementation ofthe "pay-as <br /> you throwprogram in 1993, the bag fee has only increased twice, with the last increase <br /> occurring 10 years ago <br /> The cleanliness of our Qty is a priority for our residents, businesses and visitors. This <br /> program allocates resources to where they are most needed. I have no doubt that <br /> OFTice OF THE ary MANAGER, ary HALL,WORCESTER, MA 91608 <br /> ® TELEPHONE 508)791176 I FAA(603)7991208 <br /> ® EMAIL mrmenagnrcwnmexernegrM <br />