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Property Crime <br /> There is a decrease in property crime, in nearly every category over the past five years, except <br /> for vehicle thefts. The 2016 year-end numbers show some artificially inflated spikes in the area <br /> of property crime due to the unusually severe winter weather during the early months of 2015. <br /> Most of the upward trends that standout under the category of property crime are actually well <br /> within the normal range when compared to the five year average. For example, in the category <br /> of breaking and entering there were 1,378 break ins in 2015 compared to 2016 when there were <br /> 1,529, an increase of 10.96%. However, when compared to the five year average it is a 21.93 <br /> percent decrease. <br /> Car break-ins have continued to decline over the past three years. In 2016 there were 1,433 <br /> incidents of car break—ins reported when in 2013 there were 1,604- an approximate 12 percent <br /> decrease. <br /> Motor vehicle thefts are on the rise with 552 reports having been filed in 2016, which is up from <br /> 463 reports in 2015. <br /> Vandalism increased in 2016 by 5.41 percent but when compared to the five year average,there <br /> was nearly a 10 percent decrease. <br /> Traffic Accidents <br /> Traffic accidents continue to rise with a 4.36%percent increase in the number of reported <br /> accidents in 2016. Traffic issues have consistently been a top concern for residents in attendance <br /> at community watch meetings. The department will assign officers to specifically address traffic <br /> issues and traffic enforcement. Officers assigned to traffic enforcement will work with traffic <br /> engineers to assist with recommendations and decisions to alleviate congestion in trouble spots. <br /> Overview <br /> The 2016 year-end statistics showed a total of 136,343 incidents were reported last year while <br /> 130,298 were recorded in 2015 a 4.84% increase. The increase in reported incidents is <br /> mainly due to more patrol initiated calls. In 2016 we implemented new community policing <br /> initiatives to respond to areas of concern. The Neighborhood Response Team was established in <br /> June of 2016 to focus on issues surrounding quality of life and neighborhood revitalization. <br /> Officers in this unit are proactive in responding negative emerging crime trends. The team of <br /> officers seeks to identify problems and develop long-term solutions. Additionally, further <br /> analysis of incidents shows an increase in ambulance calls in 2016. <br /> The number of arrests made in 2016 dropped by 4.64%. The decline in arrests is reflective in <br /> part to the work of our newly developed Crisis Intervention Team and Worcester(Program for <br /> Addiction Recovery)PAR. These two units within the department focus on connecting <br /> individuals with services and treatment rather than incarceration. <br />