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t 19 JOSEPH M. PETTY <br /> Worcester CITYOF �.e MAVOR <br /> MASSACHUSETTS OityRaII ,Room305 <br /> 955 Main Street <br /> Worcester, MA 01608-1892 <br /> Office: 508-799-1153 <br /> Fax 508-799-1156 <br /> mayor@worse ste rma.¢oy <br /> November 15, 2016 <br /> Members of the City Council <br /> Worcester City Hall <br /> 455 Main Street <br /> Worcester, MA 01608 <br /> Dear Councilors, <br /> Please find enclosed a report of the discussions of the Mayor's Tax Policy Committee.The report is the <br /> result of a series of discussions with members of the City's residential, business, and non-profit <br /> communities about municipal tax policy.The Mayor's Tax Policy Committee met numerous times over <br /> the past yearto discuss the challenge of local finance,the limitations of existing tax revenue structures, <br /> and options for diversifying and strengthening the City's tax base. <br /> Sincerely, <br /> Joseph M. Petty <br /> Mayor <br /> Enc. <br />