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• 'e <br /> Prague M. Augu9us,Jr. <br /> any Manager CITY OF WO FCESTER <br /> cm20l7aug3l085l2l After M me in for liem # e36A <br /> September 19, 2017 <br /> TO THE WORCESTER CITY COUNCIL <br /> COUNCILORS <br /> I respectfully submit the following report relative to the implementation of the new <br /> recreational marijuana law in Massachusetts and its impact on the Qry of Worcester. <br /> After three statewide ballot initiatives which first (2008) decriminalized small amounts of <br /> marijuana; then (2012) legalized medical marijuana; and, finally (2016) legalized adult <br /> use recreational marijuana, the state legislature adopted an Act to Ensure Safe Access <br /> to Marijuana, enacted as chapter 55 of the acts of 2017 and signed into law on July 28, <br /> 2017. The new law makes substantial changes in the tax rates and the local and state <br /> regulatory framework for both medical and recreational marijuana. This report <br /> describes the main aspects of the new law and the subsequent recommendations for <br /> how the Qty of Worcester should respond to the new law. I am recommending the <br /> following: <br /> ➢ Adoption of a city council order accepting and establishing a local sales tax of <br /> 3% on the sale of recreational use marijuana; <br /> ➢ Adopt a policy of negotiating host community agreements to provide <br /> additional resources for the oversight of marijuana establishments in the Ciry. <br /> ➢ Adoption ofalimit of marijuana establishments equal to 20% of the number of <br /> off premises alcohol licenses allotted to the city which, under the current <br /> allotment of 74, would limit the number of marijuana establishments to 15', <br /> ➢ Adoption of a city ordinance imposing appropriate "time, place and manner' <br /> restrictions on the operation of local marijuana establishments by requiring <br /> such establishments to obtain a license from the license commission before <br /> commencing operations in Worcester <br /> ➢ Amending the Zoning Ordinance to place recreational marijuana <br /> establishments under the same proximity restrictions as medical marijuana <br /> dispensaries. <br /> OFFICE OF THE ary MANAGER, ary HALL,WORCESTER, MA 01608 <br /> ® TereanoNE 508)79er 11761 rhgm7991208 <br /> ® EMAIL mrmenagnrcwnmexernegrM <br />