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• 'e <br /> Prague M. Augu9us,Jr. <br /> any Manager CITY OF WO FCESTER <br /> cm20l8marO9O3l841 After M me in for liem # 10 10 A <br /> March 13, 2018 <br /> TO THE WORCESTER CITY COUNCIL <br /> COUNCILORS <br /> The attached communication relative to an analysis of 2017 crime statistics along with <br /> the complete audit of year-end statics, as received from Steven M. Sargent, Chief of <br /> Police, is forwarded forthe information on your Honorable Body. <br /> The 2017 year-end crime statistics revealed overall significant declines in both property <br /> crime and violent crime. <br /> The Worcester Police Departments community policing strategies have proven to be <br /> successful and have improved quality of life in our neighborhoods. Chief Sargent credits <br /> several initiatives and specialized police responses that have helped improve public <br /> safety. We have seen the Worcester Police Department use good old fashioned police <br /> work combined with the use of new technology to problem solve and proactively <br /> address the concerns of residents. The work that is being done by our officers makes <br /> our city even more vibrant and attractive for residents, business owners and visitors. <br /> I would like to thank the members of City Council for your strong support of our police <br /> department and these initiatives — from increasing the complement, approving back to <br /> back recruit classes, and providing funds for the necessary training and equipment — <br /> which are crucial to keep our community safe. I appreciate the hard work of the men <br /> and women of the Worcester Police Department along with the collaborative efforts by <br /> OFFICE OF THE ary MANAGER, ary HALL,WORCESTER, MA 91698 <br /> ® TereanoNE 508)791176 l FAA(603)7991208 <br /> ® EMAIL mymanagnretwnmesternegrM <br />