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• 'e <br /> Prague M. Augu9us,Jr. <br /> any Manager CITY OF WO FCESTER <br /> cm]f119a on 6125409 After M me in for Item # 9 10 A <br /> April 23, 2019 <br /> TO THE WORCESTER CITY COUNCIL <br /> COUNCILORS <br /> The attached communication relative to an analysis of 2018 crime statistics along with <br /> the complete audit of year-end statics, as received from Steven M. Sargent, Chief of <br /> Police, is forwarded forthe information on your Honorable Body. <br /> The 2018 crime statistics show another consecutive year of reductions in property crime <br /> and violent crime. The ongoing reductions in major crime categories were achieved in <br /> large part due to collaboration, crime prevention strategies, and strong community <br /> relationships. Within the 2018 Annual Report, you will see continued reductions in crime <br /> throughout 2018 with fewer shootings, robberies, vehicle thefts and break ins than in <br /> 201] <br /> The Police Department is continually expanding its youth programs to provide positive <br /> opportunities for at risk youth. Officers oversee neatly a dozen youth programs that <br /> focus on providing teens with guidance through positive police youth interactions. These <br /> programs directly support the collaborative work of the Mayor and City Managers <br /> Worcester Youth Violence Prevention Program (WYVP). The core indicators tracked by <br /> the WYVP have improved, including declines in arrests of young people under 25 and <br /> declines in youth involvement in gun and knife incident. We have also seen decreases <br /> in arrests suspect, victims, and witnesses (young people witnessing violence). In <br /> addition, we continue to build relationships with our young people through the following <br /> efforts; Gang Camp, PAL League, AMP musical program, and Recreation Worcester. At <br /> Recreation Worcesters10 park sites participants engage with the mounted unit, motor <br /> bikes, and regular visits from patrolman to which the kids get to ask questions about <br /> the equipment and Team what it means to be a police officer. <br /> OFTice OF THE ary MANAGER, ary HALL,WORCESTER, MA 01608 <br /> ® TELEPHONE 508)79er 1176 I Fhgm7991208 <br /> ® EMAIL mW,enegerCmwemexernegrM <br />